Broken Realm Wiki


Barbarian – Tank, Melee DPS. Barbarians are blessed with excellent defensive attributes, high HP and high Physical Attack. You don’t want to make these guys angry. The Barbarian advanced classes include: Berserker – Their combination of enormous strength and short-tempers makes Berserkers ideal killing machines.

Lord – Natural-born leaders, Lords have high Defensive attributes and can help allies survive enemy attacks.

Veteran – Survivors of countless wars, Veterans are experts in combat strategy. They fear nothing, as they have seen it all before. ==Paladin== Paladin – Stealth, Melee DPS. Paladins utilize a combination of brute force and strong magic. High Attack and Crit ratings mean they often kill their foes before they even have a chance to react. The Paladin advanced classes include:  Pyroblade – Pyroblades can enchant their weapons with Fire elements. They have very high Physical Attack.Frostblade – Frostblades can shoot blasts of freezing-cold air from their swords to attack foes from afar. Enemies that rely on close-range attacks don't stand a chance against them.Spiritblade – Spiritblades' swords are infused with the power of their souls. They have exceptionally high Magic Defense and healing powers. ==Archer== Archer – Control, Ranged DPS. Preferring to keep their enemies at a distance, archers utilize bows and traps to subdue their foes. Archers hold high Crit and Dodge ratings. The Archer advanced classes include:  Marksman – Marksmen have the ability to quickly identify and attack an enemy's weak spot, which is reflected in their high Crit and Attack Speed.Assassin – Trained in the dark arts, Assassins are able to turn their enemies to stone and fell them with ease.Phantom – Elusive and highly intelligent, Phantoms can walk amongst their enemies without being seen. ==Mage== Mage – Magic DPS, Healer, Support. Intelligent fighters, mages are versatile and highly valued in any party, healing and strengthening their allies, while ravaging their enemies. The Mage advanced classes include:  Warlock – Masters of the elements, Warlocks cast powerful spells to attack large groups of foes at once.Chrononaut – Chrononauts can not only travel through time and space at will, but also manipulate it to attack their foes.Cleric – With faith as their guide, Clerics are able to harness light energy to both heal allies and attack enemies.