What are the System Requirements to play Broken Realm?Edit

System Minimum Requirements
Processor Celeron (R) CPU 2.13GHz
Memory (RAM) 512 MB
HDD Free Space 400 MB
Display WXGA (1280 x 720)


How do i log in to Broken Realm?Edit

First, visit the official Broken Realm website and create an R2Games account. Once you have created an account, login using your new account information and select one of the Broken Realm servers.

I am Stuck on a Black Sreen,How do i get out?Edit

Delete your browser’s cookies, cache, temporary files and restart your browser. If you are still encountering issues, please contact r2games.

How do i Create a Character?Edit

You must first select a Broken Realm server. Once you have selected a server, simply click the Create button to create a new character.

How do i Delete a Character?Edit

You must first visit the character selection screen to delete a character. Once you have reached the character selection screen, select the character you wish to delete. Next, click the Delete Character button. Lastly, follow the instructions provided and you will have successfully deleted a character.

I'm Stuck! How do i Get Out?Edit

Sometimes you may move into a place you shouldn't be. If you are stuck, try to re-login. Using a Hearth Scroll will also solve this issue. If the problem still exists, please file at ticket at r2games.

How do i accept and complete quests?Edit

Click on NPCs with a yellow exclamation mark hanging above their heads to accept quests. Click on NPCs with a question mark hanging above their heads to complete quests.

Players Level Up so Fast,Why am i stuck at my current Level?Edit

Before level 30, players will level up fairly quickly by following the main plot line. Upon reaching level 25, players will be able to join and create guilds, allowing you meet new players to battle by your side. A wide selection of daily events and dungeons are also at your disposal!

How do i Earn Gold?Edit

here are three primary ways to earn Gold in Broken Realm: selling items, completing quests and participating in events.

How do i Obtain Equipment?Edit

Certain NPCS in each city, including the Tailor and the Blacksmith, sell basic equipment. Higher level equipment can be obtained by completing quests and/or by defeating monsters and bosses. Stronger monsters will drop better equipment.

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