Broken Realm Wiki

The Holding Cell - There was a rebellion in the prison and the prisoners there have taken control of the dungeon. It's time to fight back!

Ice Den - Queen Ice Sprit absorbed all the water from the Keeper of the Jungle. Not having the water puts us a big disadvantage. Someone has to get it back, and that somebody is you.

Goblin Lair - These timid but ferocious goblins have been oppressed by mankind for ages. However, because humans are now under constant attack from monsters, they no longer have any additional strength to keep the goblins down. Recently, the surviving goblins have been preparing to launch attacks on major human cities. We must disrupt their plans, or else mankind will suffer enormous losses.

Twilight Zone – The Undead are pouring into Everglade in increasing numbers. According to some of the priests, the road to the afterworld is blocked. After King RYcroft woke up the God of Death, the priests think that the keeper of the underworld, Lord Phantoros awoke also. We must return this dark lord to is slumber so the dead can also rest in peace.