Broken Realm Wiki

Upon reaching level 50, you will be able to forge the Malacris. The button for the Malacris will appear just under the mini-map beside your Spirit Stone. The Malacris is made up of four separate parts (Hilt, Crest, Tip and Blade), which may be forged in the Malacris panel. Each part requires Malacris Charms, Life Origin, and experience.

Various levels of Malacris Charms may be obtained by recycling Excellent or better equipment in the new Recycle tab found in the Forge. Recycling equipment in the Forge does not provide a 100% chance of success. The higher quality the equipment, the higher level Malacis Charm you will receive. You may synthesize 4 Malacris Charms of the same type to obtain a higher level Malacris Charm by using the Synthesize tab in the Forge. Once the Malacris has been successfully forged, your character will receive PATK and MATK boosts. The Malacris may be upgraded by using Spirit, Life Origin, and Malacris Shards, which will then offer various stat boosts.