Broken Realm Wiki

Introduction - Upon reaching level 11, you will receive your very first pet, a Blood Wolf, by following the main quest line. Pets are dependent on your Military Rank and total amount of Pet Loyalty. As your Rank goes up, the number of different pets you have access to will increase. Pet Loyalty can be obtained in a various number of ways, such as using Pet Food, which can be found in the Item Shop and various dungeons, or by contributing to your guild using Gold, Amethyst or Dragon Crystal. You will also receive 3 Pet Loyalty when your pets level up.

Pet Types - Pets have different qualities, with higher quality pets offering higher aptitudes and maturity. There are four types of pets as explained below:

Offensive (Physical) – Primarily gains Strength when leveling.
Offensive (Magic) – Primarily gains Intelligence when leveling.
Support – Primarily gains Intelligence and Agility when leveling.
Defensive – Primarily gains Endurance and Agility when leveling.

Pet Training - When you summon your pet into battle, your pet will earn experience for every kill. However, pets will not receive any experience if the monster is 10 levels lower or higher than your pet’s level. Training Manuals can be used to increase your pet’s aptitude while Training Whips can be used to increase your pet’s maturity.

Stars - Stars can greatly increase your pet’s aptitude. There are three types of Stars: Bronze, Silver and Gold, with Gold offering the highest bonuses. Stars consume Life Origin and may also be cleared by consuming Crystal.

Pet Wisdom - Much like your character’s Wisdom, a pet’s Wisdom can be increased by obtaining various items from killing and defeating monsters throughout the land.

Pet Items – A variety of items can be used to strengthen and improve your pet.

Training Manual – Item used to increase a pet’s aptitude.
Training Whip – Item used to reset a pet's maturity.
Pet Skill Reset – Item used to reset a pet’s skill.
Pet Skill Page – Item used to upgrade a pet’s skill.
Pet Food – Item used to increase Loyalty.
Pet Reset – Item used to reset a pet’s level to level 1. Retrains attributes and growth rate.

Pet Attributes & Aptitudes

Strength – Increases pet’s Physical Attack and Max HP.
Agility – Increases Pet’s Hit and Crit.
Intelligence – Increases Pet’s Magic Attack and Magic Defense.
Endurance – Increases Pet’s Max HP.
Strength Aptitude – Each point of Strength increases pet’s Physical Attack.
Agility Aptitude – Each point of Agility increases pet’s Attack and Crit.
Intelligence Aptitude – Each point of Intelligence increases pet’s Magic Attack
Endurance Aptitude – Each point of Endurance increases pet’s Endurance.