Broken Realm Wiki

There Are 5 Modes in Player Killing


 •  Peace Mode – You cannot attack anyone. •  Justice Mode – You can only attack players who are in Evil mode. •  Evil Mode – You can attack anyone. •  Guild Mode – You can attack anyone that is not in your current guild. •  Party Mode – You can attack anyone that is not in your current party. ==Mode Details==  •  When in Evil mode, your PK score will increase by 1 when killing players in peace mode. •  PK scores will not change if players fight against each other in the same mode (excluding Evil). •  Both equipped and pack items have a chance of being dropped when killed by another player. •  The maximum obtainable PK score is 100. •  PK scores drop 1 point every hour. •  When a player’s PK score reaches 5, they will be transported to the Royal Prison when returning to Everglade or when reviving. ==Royal Prison== our PK level must be 0 in order to leave the Royal Prison, though there are several ways to reduce your PK level.  •  Wait – A player’s PK score will drop by 1 point every 30 minutes when in the Royal Prison. •  Penance Potions – Purchasable in the Item Shop, Penance Potions will remove 1 PK point. •  Kill the Warden – Kill the Warden in the Royal Prison and your PK score will be reset to zero. •  Bribe – Bribe the Jail Guard with 500,000 Gold to remove 1 PK point. •  Waste Cleanup – There are piles of feces throughout the Royal Prison. Collect 50 of these and return to the Jail Guard to turn them in. 50 piles of feces will remove 1 PK point.

Players in the Royal Prison may open Shop if they wish. Additionally, players may pay to visit a friend in the Royal Prison by visiting the Royal Prison Guardian in Everglade. The fee to enter the Royal Prison is 50,000 Gold.