Broken Realm Wiki

​Once you reach level 30, you will receive your first pair of wings. Located on the toolbar, you may click Wings (J) to open the Wings interface. To upgrade your Wings, simply unequip your Wings and insert them in the window. By upgrading your Wings, you will receive additional properties, including the following: Physical Attack, Physical Defense, Magic Attack, Magic Defense, Max HP, Movement Speed and Luck. Heroic Wings are required to upgrade lower level Wings, where Ethereal Wings are required to upgrade higher level Wings. Both items may be obtained by defeating monsters or bought through the Item Shop.

Question and Answer[]

Q: Wow! How Do I get these nifty spiffy wings?

A: You complete a your level 32 MAIN quest. Not optional but MAIN.

Q: How do I upgrade these wings to become better?

A: Simple! Press the “J” key and click upgrade, but you must haveFairy Wings in your inventory.

Q: Where do I get Fairy Wings?

A: Very Simple! You can either farm your dungeon or buy from cash shop.